1. How do I maintain my ladies' or men's hat?
 It is best to place the hat on a hat holder. The brim of the hat should not rest on the floor. Preferably store the hat in the dark to prevent discoloration.
 You get the hat holder as a gift when you buy a hat at Bogerd’s Hoeden.  If you do not have a hat holder, preferably place the hat upside down. This is to protect the edge.
 2. There's a dent in my hat, what should I do?
You can steam the dent over a kettle and gently rub the dent out. If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, you can always bring the hat back to our store in Leerdam where we can repair your hat.
There are no costs associated with this.
 3. My felt hat got soaked in the rain, what should I do?
It does not matter.  The hat is allowed to get wet. Preferably let it dry upside down at room temperature. Do not put it on the stove, for the hat will shrink.
 4. My hat has shrunk, and it does not fit me anymore. Wat should I do?
 Return the hat to us and we will stretch it back to the right size for you free of charge. We do this on a heated stretching block.
 5. How do I maintain my leather hat or cap?
 You can grease the hat or cap and make it water-repellent, just like with leather shoes.  Preferably use a natural color.
 6. Can a parasisal summer hat withstand the rain?
These summer hats cannot stand the rain unless the label on the hat says otherwise. Therefore, do not let your summer hat get wet. The stains that arise are difficult to get out.
Preferably wear an umbrella or store the hat in our carry bag.
If it does get wet, leave it to dry at room temperature.
 7. Can you make hats smaller?
Yes, we can!  We can make the hat band smaller or thread a rubber band in the hat.
For men's hats, we work with cork strips that we place behind the band of the hat.
 8. What size hat do I have?

Wrap a measuring tape around the back of your head and bring it about an inch above the ears to the forehead.  Bring the measuring tape or the string together on the center of your forehead.  Don't pull it too tight. Now you can read the circumference of your head in the mirror.
 9. How do the hat sizes work for men's hats?
 S size 54 / 55
 M size 56 / 57
 L size 58 / 59
 XL size 60 / 6
 2XL size 62 / 63
 3XL but 64 / 65
 With these sizes, the largest number is the actual size. With the smallest number, the hat must be made smaller with a cork. Stetson, but also several other brands work with these double sizes.
 10. There are stripes on my velour hat, how do I get them off?
 By steaming the hat over a kettle, the velour hairs will fall in place. Then brush the hat gently.
 If you do not feel comfortable doing this on your own, you can always bring your hat to our store where we will fix it up for you. That is our business service.
 11. How do I get dust particles off my felt hat?
 Gently brush your hat with a soft clothes brush from above in a clockwise direction.
 12. I want a bridal hat that is garnished with the same fabric as my dress, is that possible?
 No problem.  We drape hats and caps in our own workshop.
 Our seamstresses have extensive experience with this.
 13. I cannot find a ladies’ hat in the color of my wedding dress.
 We are happy to help you! In our store it is possible to color hats to your liking.
 14. Where do your hats come from?
 We order our hats on international fairs. Our hats mainly come from European countries, the United States of America, Australia and Russia.
 15. How do I know that I have bought a unique and exclusive hat?
 We are constantly looking for new brands and designers.  There is little chance that we will purchase multiple hats because we want to guarantee exclusivity.  With our own hat collection, we work on a unique collection in which each hat is made slightly different.
 16. I come from far away; what are the chances of finding a hat that suits me?
Our hat collection is diverse and wide. We carry almost all brands.
At our store you can choose from hundreds of hats. Our customers come from all over the Netherlands but also beyond.
Experience shows that almost all customers find a hat that suits them, and we do everything we can to keep it that way.
 17. I have a very large head size, what now?
 Ask for the possibilities!  For men we have hats and caps from size 53 to size 63.
 The lady’s hats range from size 55 to size 60. Larger hat sizes can be made separately for you.
 18. Can I decide for myself which garnish will be placed on a house-styled hat?

Yes, you are free to do that.  We can do almost anything you like.  We work with the very best materials and secure everything with needle and thread.  This is labor-intensive and cannot always be achieved immediately.
If it takes longer, we can also send the hat by post so that you do not have to come to our store twice.
 19. Why do you not have a web shop?
 Buying a hat is very difficult and we believe personal advice is appropriate here. In recent decades, we have had our hands full with our ever-growing customer base.
 Every season it is a challenge to finish our own hat collection. We will keep you informed of that!
 Feel free to come to our store in Leerdam and be welcomed in the nicest hat shop of the Netherlands! 
 If you have any more questions that you would like to be answered, feel free to app, call, or email us.
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